In Codefort WMS it's all about the warehouse app. The admin panel is really only about supporting the app, as our focus is optimizing your workflows in the warehouse.

To get started head over to our app at the following URL:


First, we'll ask for your subdomain. This is the one you specified when you created your account and can be found in the URL on your admin panel.

how to find your subdomain in the url

Next, we'll ask you to log in with your email and password. You'll need to use your admin login.

When you've logged in the first time, we'll remember your login on the computer, so your warehouse employees don't need to have an admin login.

The last step is to choose the employee working at the pick/pack station.

We recommend disabling the dropdown where the employee can choose its profile, as an employee can choose the wrong profile by mistake.

You can change your setting in:

"Settings -> Pick & pack -> Enforce employee badges"

Pick & pack

Now you're logged in and will be able to go to either "Pick" or "Pack".

Most warehouses use both pick and pack, but if you've enabled "Auto print slips", you might not need the pick flow and you go directly to the pack flow.


When you want to start a pick, you can either scan the QR code on a packing slip or click "Start next pick".

Tip: Use the space button as a shortcut so you don't need to use the mouse.

"Start next pick" will give you the oldest shipment available to be fulfilled.

Click "Complete" when you've picked all items for the shipment and you're ready to pick the next shipment.


Once a shipment has been picked it's often transferred to a pack station where another college will check the contents of the package and generate the shipping label.

Scan the QR code on the packing slip to start the pack flow for the specific shipment.

Now you can confirm that each product is picked correctly.

If a label printer is chosen, a shipping label will be generated and printed once you click "Complete".

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