Supported scanners

  • Zebra LS2208

  • Zebra DS2208 (recommended)

  • Most HID scanners

If you don't already have a scanner we strongly recommend the DS2208 as it supports 2D barcodes like QR-codes. QR codes are faster to scan and can store more information than 1D barcodes.

Zebra scanner setup

Step 1 - Connect the scanner

Connect the scanner to the computer via the USB cable. This will power on the scanner and make the scanner work as a keyboard for the computer (HID).

Step 2 - Reset to the factory defaults

Use the following barcode to reset to the factory defaults. This gives us a clean state and makes sure we don't have any unwanted settings.

Step 3 - Add Enter Key

After each scan, the scanner should send the content of the barcode following by an enter key.

That's all, your scanner should now be ready for use with Codefort WMS.

Non-Zebra HID scanner setup

Most scanners that supports HID-output will work with Codefort WMS.

Just configure the scanner to send HID output and send an enter key after each scan.

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